A downloadable Minecraft Map for Windows

Minecraft World

World is features a giant wool wolf with mouth and a stomach dat you can walk around inside of. Thare is are not much to say about it, but it can be used for minecraft role-play videos as long as you credit me.


  • Realistic body design.
  • Mouth for enter da stomach.
  • Stomach for get digested inside.
  • Acid mucus on stomach walls for realistic appearance.

Install instructions

ZIP: Open the zip file & drag the folder into yer mienkraft saves folder XD!

EXE: Go thrugh the intall thingy and it will automaticly put in in yer minecraft.

Schematic: Use mcedit or sumthing XD 2 import it into yer world XDDD!


World ZIP File 250 kB
EXE World Installer 404 kB
Schematic File 5 kB


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