This is part 1 out of a series of comics i'm making about my wolf OC named Rattax. She is my kewl epik OC that is mine. DO NOT STEAL!

About: These comics are about an evil scientist who is a kinky furry and uses a machine to bring his also kinky OC to life. Then sends her off to a planet full of other wolves who are not kinky.

Content: Part 1 does not contain anything NSFW except 4 the language.

The images where made in roblox studio and the rest was made in google slides.

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Published 39 days ago
AuthorWhen Jason was at da
Tagsanimal, fetish, furry, giant, oc, roblox, Sci-fi, wolf
Average sessionA few minutes


Comic PDF 910 kB
Audio Book 1 MB

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